Project Logger

What does it do?

The Project Logger provides a simple yet effective means for keeping people informed about the progress of projects, itineraries, or any sort of plans. It combines the simplicity of blogging with dates, tasks, files, costs, and RSS feed modules to form a central broadcast point from which to keep people coordinated. How many times have problems occurred because of "I didn't know" or "I was unaware" or "When the #$% did that happen?" The Project Logger solves this problem by making a tool that is first and foremost simple to use both from a publisher (how easy is it to enter information?) and from a subscriber (How easy is it to get to the information?) standpoint.

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Sample Applications

Client Management

Keep clients informed of a project's status by making periodic log entries. In addition, important dates (such as meetings) and milestones (such as trial completions) can be placed on the calendar. Tasks can be assigned to clients when their action is required and files/pictures related to the project can be exchanged. Running costs such as hourly labor can also be relayed so that there are no surprises when the customer receives the invoice.

Company Objectives

The Project Logger can be used to keep employees informed of overall company goals, challenges, and achievements thus enabling them to work together better. Company events and milestones such as funding, product releases, or marketing campaigns can also be placed on the calendar so that all employees see an overhead view of the company.

Event Calendar

Keep people informed of upcoming events through the calendar and RSS news feed. Event marketing, advertising, stories, and pictures can be presented in the log.

Project Journaling

The Project Logger can prove invaluable as a project journaling device for recording project events and challenges as they occur. At a collaborative level, other interested parties can also subscribe to get an understanding of how the project is progressing and what the current challenges are. At a management level, the log provides an analytical tool for retracing project events and refining future processes.

Private Journal

On a related note, ever need to organize your thoughts or collect all your brilliant ideas into a single place? While a typical blog suffices if you want to publish your information to the world, Project Logger keeps your ideas in a tightly controlled environment and organizes them into separate projects.

Travel Planner/Log

An itinerary can be entered into the calendar and friends and family can read the log as progress is made from place to place. From a safety standpoint, the calendar can be used as a reference that can be updated while on the trip and the log provides a breadcrumb trail. Pictures can be uploaded to the log, and costs can be tracked using the simple cost tracker tool.